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Ahmad R. Crews, Esq., offers comprehensive legal advice and counsel. In resolving your legal matter or problem, I provide high quality legal representation. I have a reputation for creative litigation approaches and achieving exceptional results where other lawyers fall short. 

I am a graduate of Howard University School of Law, located in Washington, D.C. My top legal experiences include the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and employment with the top criminal appellate law firm in Georgia.


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235 Peachtree St NE
Ste. 400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

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"Mr. Crew is amazing at his job. He helped me every step of the way with my case and helped reduce my charges. He is extremely efficient and professional. He was responsive to my phone calls and emails and always available to answer questions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. He actually cares about his clients and will work hard to find the best outcome for you. I really appreciate him for representing me and always easing my mind when I start to worry.  If I ever need any legal advice or representation, I know who to call. Thank you so much Mr. Crew for everything!"

Adomya Dawit


This attorney's work is stellar!  Mr. Crews is a sound litigator and is truly an advocate for his client.  My case is one that had major twists and involved delicacy in procedure.  He brilliantly navigated the case from start to finish and his professional demeanor and excellence in execution won the day.  He is a brilliant legal mind and I look forward to hearing nothing but great things concerning him in the future.

Phyllis Spears


"Ahmad represented me in a case and the effort he put into my case was above and beyond. During my initial conversation with Ahmad, I was terrified but Ahmad really made me feel in control-he explained everything to me very patiently and encouraged me to ask questions if I ever had any. He assured me that he would do everything in his power to seek justice concerning my case. And he kept his promise. Ahmad is amazing, very well experienced, strategic, smart lawyer. I couldn't wish for a better one. Thank you so much Ahmad! I'm so happy and blessed that I chose you! If you need help call Ahmad Crews. Highly recommended!"

Oz Shaw


"I interviewed a lot of attorneys before selecting Ahmad Crews to represent me .  From our initial consultation  I was impressed with his knowledge of law, how upfront he was but more importantly what a personal touch that he provided his clients .  Throughout the 3 months of my case, he was always reachable to discuss my case as well as provided timely updates and on the day of my hearing he was well prepared and very organized when presenting the facts of my case.   Thanks to my superb legal representation, I had a favorable outcome.  I highly recommend Ahmad Crews and will use him again if I ever need legal representation in the Atlanta area."

Shanna Woodbury


"Mr. Crews exceeded my expectations regarding my legal needs. He kept me up to date the entire way! My main concern was avoiding getting my license suspended; however, he got both of my citations dismissed. I was extremely pleased with his work ethic and diligence on handling my case. If i ever have any other legal needs in the future, he will be the MAN that I go to for help. I can’t say how grateful I am, and encourage anyone who is looking for representation to hire Mr. Crews because he will deliver."

Tyler Gibbons


"I hired Ahmad Crews for 2 citations I received in south Ga. Mr crews was very knowledgeable and helpful with the 2 cases and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process. His retaining fee was very reasonable and affordable which made the whole ordeal much more pleasurable. I got the outcome that I was wanting on both of the citations and saved my CDL license. I would highly recommend Ahmad Crews for any legal advice or representation."

Jordan R.


I was very happy with the work Ahmad provided to my family! He went above and beyond countless times for me. I cannot express how grateful I am for his services!



"Mr. Crews was extremely detail and organized and very prepared for handling my case. Me and my family her really happy with all his hard work and greatly appreciate all he did."

Freddy Neighbors


"Mr. Crews was a great help to me and my traffic case. He kept me updated throughout the whole process and was very diligent in getting my case resolved. In the end, everything I was hoping and trying to make happen, happened. I am very pleased with Mr. Crews' work ethic and his help in this matter.
Highly Recommend..."




Mr. Crews was very helpful! He was able to keep my driving record clean and made the whole process very easy. Would certainly recommend for anyone seeking help with a traffic violation.




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235 Peachtree St NE
Ste. 400
Atlanta, Georgia 30303