Professional. Knowledgeable. Dedicated.

Excellence in
Criminal Defense
Helping People Accused of
Crimes Navigate the Justice System
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Professional. Knowledgeable.

Excellence in Criminal Defense

Helping People Accused of Crimes Navigate the Justice System

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Atlanta Criminal & Violent Crimes Attorney

Attorney Ahmad R. Crews, Esq., offers comprehensive legal advice and counsel in whatever legal matter you are facing, from removal of failure to appear warrants to violent crimes. Attorney Crews employs creative and innovative litigation techniques to achieve the most favorable results he can where other lawyers may fall short.

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Professional and Dedicated Legal Representation: Attorney Ahmad R. Crews

At The Law Office of Ahmad R. Crews, you can expect professional, dedicated, and serious legal representation. Attorney Ahmad R. Crews takes all of his clients very seriously, and he personally works on all of his firm’s cases. To Attorney Crews, the law is not an opinion; he will properly prepare to argue the law that applies to your case and will give everything he has in court. With his firm, you will have an attorney that takes your case seriously and will work for you. Criminal matters are very serious, and Attorney Crews recognizes this; put dedication and knowledge on your side with The Law Office of Ahmad R. Crews.

The firm represents clients throughout the state of Georgia in the following areas:


Record Restriction and Sealing



Why The Law Office of Ahmad R. Crews?

A graduate of Howard University School of Law, Attorney Ahmad R. Crews has worked with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals and a top criminal appellate law firm in Georgia. Attorney Crews is an experienced and dedicated lawyer who works for you. He takes every case seriously, no matter the situation, so he can develop a deep understanding for his clients and their circumstances.

Attorney Crews treats each of his clients like they are his only clients; you can expect to have direct access to him throughout the course of your case, and he will never disappear on you – whether you seek updates on the legal process or have new concerns that have surfaced regarding your situation. From start to end, Attorney Crews will work individually with you to strategize your case. He is a passionate attorney who genuinely enjoys his work, and you can trust that he will handle your legal matters with serious care and attention.

Cases We Handle

Protecting Your Rights & Your Future

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Bail Only

Drug Offenses

Firearm Offenses

FTA Warrant Removal

Theft Offenses

Pardons, Record Restrictions and Sealing

Violent Offenses

What Makes Ahmad R. Crews The Best Choice?

We Create Strong Legal Strategies to Protect Our Clients from Any Charge

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Over the Phone Consultations Available


Close Attention Paid to Every Detail on Every Case

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Ahmad R. Crews

Respect. Compassion. Tenacity.

We Are Here to Guide You Through Troubling Times

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Mr. Crews is exceptionally wise, attentive, and caring.

“My family and I are well pleased with the service that we received from Mr. Crews and his staff.”

– Kathy M.

Mr. Crews was very efficient did everything well, a great attorney.

“He did a lot of good work, and I’m very satisfied with the outcome.”


Highly recommended attorney!

“My family and I are grateful for what you have done for us.”

– Anonymous

Excellent lawyer, highly recommended

“Mr. Crews was extremely thorough and had my best interest at heart throughout the entire process.”

– Patrick

Best lawyer ever!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

– Nyrab


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