Helping The Accused Navigate the Justice System
  • Dismissed
    DeKalb County Superior Court
    Felony Computer Forgery and False Statements against a very prominent and successful county tax preparer. Mr. Crews was hired after client’s first trial ended in a mistrial with other counsel. Mr. Crews secured a dismissal of felony indictment the ...
  • Dismissed
    Douglas County Superior Court
    Felony Aggravated Assault dismissed after thorough investigation into the incident and alleged victim’s past was presented to the prosecutor.
  • Dismissed
    Fulton County Superior Court
    Mr. Crews persuaded the state prosecutor not to prosecute client who was suspected of possessing a stolen firearm.
  • Dismissed
    Clay County Superior Court
    Felony Theft by Taking indictment against client, a county dept. treasurer, accused of stealing over $2,500.00 in county funds dismissed, despite Co-defendant, who was county dept. Chairman entering a plea deal and agreeing to testify truthfully ...
  • Not Guilty
    Crisp County Superior Court
    Felony Terroristic Threats Against Police Officer: The State alleged Client threatened to shoot and kill a police officer, which was captured on body camera. The jury found the client not guilty on all charges.