Helping The Accused Navigate the Justice System
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DeKalb County Superior Court

Felony Computer Forgery and False Statements against a very prominent and successful county tax preparer. Mr. Crews was hired after client’s first trial ended in a mistrial with other counsel. Mr. Crews secured a dismissal of felony indictment the …


Douglas County Superior Court

Felony Aggravated Assault dismissed after thorough investigation into the incident and alleged victim’s past was presented to the prosecutor.


Fulton County Superior Court

Mr. Crews persuaded the state prosecutor not to prosecute client who was suspected of possessing a stolen firearm.


Clay County Superior Court

Felony Theft by Taking indictment against client, a county dept. treasurer, accused of stealing over $2,500.00 in county funds dismissed, despite Co-defendant, who was county dept…

Not Guilty

Crisp County Superior Court

Felony Terroristic Threats Against Police Officer: The State alleged Client threatened to shoot and kill a police officer, which was captured on body camera. The jury found the client not guilty on all charges.