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Meet Attorney Ahmad R. Crews
A Lawyer Who Works for and With You

When you work with me, you not only work with a knowledgeable attorney but also an honest advisor, confidante, counselor, and friend. What sets me apart from other criminal defense attorneys is that I am completely dedicated to my clients’ causes. I represent them the same way I would want to be represented. My law firm believes in doing more than what we are paid to do; we will do everything legally and ethically possible to resolve our clients’ matters in their favor as best we can.

Further, perhaps what additionally elevates my criminal law firm is the fact that we do not practice in any other areas; we are solely dedicated to criminal defense. Specializing in criminal defense law and representing clients the way I would want to be represented is important for several reasons, as, firstly, I am completely dedicated to the specific laws that pertain to my clients’ criminal charges. Secondly, when one represents clients the way they would want to be represented, they don’t mind answering their phone calls and talking with them on nights and weekends. I am available for direct access for all my clients throughout their cases, and I don’t mind going the extra mile in their investigations, even if that means dedicating my nights and weekends to their defense. If I were charged with a crime, I’d be frightened; if I were facing prison time, I’d be frightened. So, I work as hard as I can to ensure that I am doing all that is necessary to achieve a successful outcome for my clients.

My Litigation Techniques and Successful Cases

To prepare for every one of my cases, I read the specific relevant laws, thoroughly investigate all the facts of my clients’ situations, start preparing for trial as soon as I receive discovery, talk to the prosecutors early and often, and prepare strong Motions to attack the State’s case and evidence in as many ways as the law allows. With me, you can trust that I will try my best to tackle every angle of your case.

One of my most memorable cases is when I represented a prominent young lady who had an extremely complicated and difficult case. She had previously worked with two attorneys before she hired my firm. The first attorney withdrew from her case due to the complexity of the matter, and the second attorney took the young lady’s matter to trial, which almost resulted in a conviction – the jury voted her guilty 11 to 1. The single one juror prevented this young lady from going to prison for a very long time. After these results of her trial, her friend referred her to my firm. From there, after an in-depth research of her circumstance, I was able to successfully obtain a dismissal of her case due to a technicality.

Another case I am proud of is defending a young man arrested for trafficking several pounds of drugs he picked up from the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. The State had a confidential informant who set our client up via text message, and police conducted a traffic stop on our client’s car and discovered the drugs in his vehicle. He was facing a significant amount of prison time among other penalties. However, my firm was able to attack the State’s case and the confidential witness despite the evidence against my client. As a result of our efforts, the State offered our client a heavily reduced sentence of just 3 years of probation and a restriction of his criminal record after he completed probation.

Why Criminal Law?

The most rewarding aspect of being a criminal defense attorney is having the opportunity to represent a client whom others assume is guilty and resolving their unfair charge through diligent work. I chose criminal law because I was heartbroken by the number of individuals charged with crimes that hired attorneys who did not properly defend them. There are too many individuals with criminal records due to simply choosing the wrong attorney. My goal is to help anyone who is unfairly charged with a crime or has a family member charged with a crime to feel confident, comfortable, and powerful when facing the criminal justice system. My firm aims to provide the highest quality legal representation available to them.

The advice I give my clients most often is to be strong, to be confident, and not to fear. Individuals charged with serious criminal offenses are, naturally, scared. However, you with my firm in your corner you should not feel frightened at all. Instead, trust and know that I am going to do everything I can to mitigate your fears of being found guilty, serving prison time, or obtaining a criminal record. I want to ensure that you’ve hired a strong, confident, and hardworking attorney who is going to do all that is legally and ethically possible to protect you and your rights.

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